Poster Reflection

1)   What were the most challenging aspects of coming up with a poster theme?

coming up with a motto for my poster. for some reason i just could not think up a motto for the life of me! it was far more difficult then it should have been.

2)   What challenges did you face when putting your ideas on paper (drawing it, using Photoshop, etc…)

probably the most challenging aspect of making the poster was getting good pictures. i had a strategy to just take about twenty or so pictures of one thing, and sort through them. i have to say, it worked pretty well.

3)   Were you satisfied with your poster BEFORE seeing other people’s posters?

yes, i was quite satisfied before i saw other peoples posters. as soon as i saw what i was up against i knew i was in trouble.

4)   How much did you change your poster after receiving the comments from other people?

not that much to be honest. all i really changed was i adjusted the positions of the text, changed the colour and font of the text and trieed to push Mr. Sarte as far into the building as i could without messing up the size of the image.

5)   Did the feedback process help you find out what aspects of your poster need changing?

yes it did.chances are if we had never had the feedback portion of the project i would have never changed anything.

6)   Were you happy with the final version of your poster?

as far as my photoshop skills are curentlly, yes, i am. would i have been if we did this project at the end of the year and it looked the same? no.

7)   What were the three most important things you learned from this project?

1. never underestimate your compitition

2.always space out your images

3.never, ever use cursive fonts for posters with contrasting pictures on top of each other