Silent Blogging #2

so today i have to write about something related to school. i have nothing. in terms of how my subjects are going its OK…. i still have yet to finish my Japanese worksheet package. BUT IM ON THE LAST FEW PAGES. i also have to catch up in terms of math. I’m few units behind were i would like to be. for the ihub reads thing i still have to make my trailer. i have no idea what to do for that. that’s about it for my troubles for being behind. i also recently got some of these USB headsets to work with my computer and i have to say, these definitely beat using earbuds. the one issue i have with them is the fact that the speakers aren’t very loud. welp, i ran out of things to write about so yeah……

Morning activity blog #1

Today for a morning activity today we did two activities, one of which was quite interesting. the two activities we did were a card trick and a math problem. for the card trick we were given a deck of cards and told we had to order the cards in such a way that when we placed them down they would be in order from ace to king, buuut we had to take every second card and place it at the bottom of the deck. it was kinda easy at first it. that was until we reached seven cards, then it got hard. once we got to seven cards i just gave up in terms of looking for some hidden pattern and just went for an almost always reliable technique, Reverse Engineering! what i mean is i figured that the last two cards you would have in your hand if you were doing a whole suit would be the king and the queen. because i figured out this important factor, it became easy to reverse they pattern and figure out how to do the trick with a whole suit, and then a whole deck.

(little fact: i figured out how to do the card trick with a whole deck in about 1 minute, and i was first int he class.)