silent blogging #?

ok time for another one of these silent blogging things. i dont remeber what the last number i did was. oh well. im still waiting on mr.soiseth to send me the email for the japanese info. ive also starte playing a updated modpack for minecraft. its difficult. really difficult. but enough of that. my robots coming along pretty well. im about to start getting it to be able to turn. well im done here


comment thing

ok so we had to a comment thing in class today with a presenter. apparently I’m supposed to be writing about what a helpful comment is and then three things i could have changed about my write up that we commented on. i think a helpful comment is one that brings to light some of the ow sides of whatever-it-is-your-commenting-on while not being to rude. i also think a good comment is one that brings to light some of the high points while not being tooooo sugar coat-y. as for things i could have done better, i think that it probably wouldn’t have hurt to try and lay it out a bit clearer and at least trying to make the spelling somewhat legible. according to some of the  comments I got, there were some points that were a bit broad and could have done with some refinement and such.


so let me check here:

make it more clear

make the writing legible

refine some of the broader points


that covers the three things. i guess im done here.