A Quick Summary of Events in BNW Chapter 14

After getting a phone call about someone being ill, John rushes to The Park Lane Hospital for the Dying, where he is lead to Linda’s bedside. After a few moments trying to remember some good memories, a group of identical eight-year-old twins come in for death conditioning.when they see Linda, they are astonished and alarmed by her, leading to John striking one child. A nearby nurse then calls John out for disrupting the boys death conditioning. after the children leave, Linda awakes and begins mistaking John for PopĂ©, which angers him as he being to demand Linda remember him as her son. Linda seems to remember who John is, and as she begins to recite a hypnopeadic phrase from her childhood, she begins to choke. John then begins to panic, going after a nearby nurse to get someone to help Linda, but by the time they get to her bed, she has died.

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