ISearch 2015: Soma Analysis

In BNW, a common mention about the society is the use of Soma. Soma is used by almost everyone within the BNW universe , and quite liberally. it’s main use is to deal with unpleasant feelings, however its also used to provide them with “Holidays”, where they seem to zone out and enter a sort of trance state.


Soma is said many times to have a sort of time-dilation effect on whoever ingests it, with “half a gramme for a half-holiday, a gramme for a week-end, two grammes for a trip to the gorgeous East, three for a dark eternity on the moon…”. This kind of effect is a possible result of the use of Marijuana, as stated in the book Altered States of Consciousness, “What happens in these cases is that most of the person’s attention is in non-time processes, so that time passage is not noted until the social consciousness returns. Then it seems that no time has passed, since there was no process noting its passage.” this works with both the time dilation effect in Soma as well as the fact that Marijuana has some hallucinogenic and psychoactive effects, which would work with this quote “there she remained; and yet wasn’t there at all, was all the time away, infinitely far away, on holiday; on holiday in some other world, where the music of the radio was a labyrinth of sonorous colours, a sliding, palpitating labyrinth, that led (by what beautifully inevitable windings) to a bright centre of absolute conviction; where the dancing images of the television box were the performers in some indescribably delicious all-singing feely; where the dripping patchouli was more than scent – was the sun, was a million saxophones”


Now one final idea is that, as stated by sociologist H.S. Becker, most of Marijuanas effects are learned rather then a direct effect of the drug, which meant that only knows who knew the drugs full effects, could access them. Now this next bit is full speculation, but seeing how they are taught extensively when they are children about how there society works, would it be out of the question to assume they teach the children about the effects of Soma, allowing the children to use them?

Key plot developments for chapter 8

the main plot point in this chapter is the explanation of Johns back-story, explaining what happened to Linda after she as injured, as well as what happened concerning John and how he learnt English. Another key plot development in this chapter is Bernard coming up with his plan to embarrass the Director, and his offer to John to get him out of the Reserve and into the World State.

Quick introduction of John savage

John Savage is introduced in chapter 7 of Brave New World. He is the son of Linda, a Beta who got stuck in the Savage Reservation and gave birth. John is excluded from the Villages due to his mother trying to continue her world-state life, breaking many of the Villages rules. John grew up with very little other people, only being around his mother and her lover Popé. He was taught to read by his mother, and eventually acquired a copy of Shakespeare, reading over many times during his life in the reserve. When he is found by Bernard and Lenina, they had just finished watching a community celebration, and they were surprised when John spoke perfect english. He then took them back to his home, where they met his mother, Linda. after a while John and Linda are taken out of the reserve, and they main part of the story begins.

A Quick Summary of Events in BNW Chapter 14

After getting a phone call about someone being ill, John rushes to The Park Lane Hospital for the Dying, where he is lead to Linda’s bedside. After a few moments trying to remember some good memories, a group of identical eight-year-old twins come in for death conditioning.when they see Linda, they are astonished and alarmed by her, leading to John striking one child. A nearby nurse then calls John out for disrupting the boys death conditioning. after the children leave, Linda awakes and begins mistaking John for Popé, which angers him as he being to demand Linda remember him as her son. Linda seems to remember who John is, and as she begins to recite a hypnopeadic phrase from her childhood, she begins to choke. John then begins to panic, going after a nearby nurse to get someone to help Linda, but by the time they get to her bed, she has died.

Silent Blogging #Q

i have no idea how long its been since i last did a blog post. days? weeks? months? i don’t know. anyways, here’s i new one. i been moving along at a pretty good pace so far. im a bit stuck on the math unit 5 worksheets, but ill make it through. in terms of Japanese, i’m doing pretty good. im about done the first lesson unit thing and im moving through pretty well.

silent blogging #?

ok time for another one of these silent blogging things. i dont remeber what the last number i did was. oh well. im still waiting on mr.soiseth to send me the email for the japanese info. ive also starte playing a updated modpack for minecraft. its difficult. really difficult. but enough of that. my robots coming along pretty well. im about to start getting it to be able to turn. well im done here


comment thing

ok so we had to a comment thing in class today with a presenter. apparently I’m supposed to be writing about what a helpful comment is and then three things i could have changed about my write up that we commented on. i think a helpful comment is one that brings to light some of the ow sides of whatever-it-is-your-commenting-on while not being to rude. i also think a good comment is one that brings to light some of the high points while not being tooooo sugar coat-y. as for things i could have done better, i think that it probably wouldn’t have hurt to try and lay it out a bit clearer and at least trying to make the spelling somewhat legible. according to some of the  comments I got, there were some points that were a bit broad and could have done with some refinement and such.


so let me check here:

make it more clear

make the writing legible

refine some of the broader points


that covers the three things. i guess im done here.

Silent Blogging #4

I have no idea what’s going on with the manifesto. I wasn’t there when we started it and I haven’t been here for a week so I missed a whole bunch of the manifesto. so i supposed to talk about something I don’t know about and haven’t been there to see. its like trying to talk about a movie that dosen’t even exist yet. ‘oh have you seen that new movie?’

‘which one?’

‘the one that doesn’t exist yet.’

‘what’s it about?’

‘well you see it doesn’t exist yet so i don’t know what its about, but its really good and you should go see it.’

‘well if it doesn’t have a plot then why would i see it?’

‘ becauise its a good movie.’

ok this is getting us no where. its actually more like trying to explain a movie you haven’t seen

‘hey did you go see that new movie?’

‘which one?’

‘the one with the giant robots and the aliens.’


‘well its really good so you should go see it’

‘well whats it about?’

‘well its about robots…..and they fight aliens…..and more aliens…….and somestuff happens….. and then they fight more robots.. and you should go see it because its a good movie.’

‘well if its so good why does it sound like you dont know anything about it?’

 there we go thats a better explanation. well now you see. its hard to talk about something you know nothing about. which is ironic for me to say seeing as this is my longest post both size and word wise. but if this is my longest post that means im good to finish this off.

Silent Blogging #3

welp… its time for another silent blogging thing. in terms of things im behind in im still not done the japanese packet. turns out that i had misinterpreted the directions and now i have to redo the entire page. for math im still at around the same point i was in before. i have about 1 question left in the send in then i can take the test. i did my ihub reads presentation. i have to say, it went pretty good considering i had completely forgotten that it was multiple parts. harry, a bunch of other people and i tried to do this UHC thing at lunch. it failed. miserably. harry and lief decided to go out for bubble tea which took about 20 minutes and by the time everyone was together and about to start, harry still had yet to get on. we ended up cancelling it for the day due to lack of time. i really think we should just look into doing it after school. whatever. well im out of things to talk about this week so im done.

Silent Blogging #2

so today i have to write about something related to school. i have nothing. in terms of how my subjects are going its OK…. i still have yet to finish my Japanese worksheet package. BUT IM ON THE LAST FEW PAGES. i also have to catch up in terms of math. I’m few units behind were i would like to be. for the ihub reads thing i still have to make my trailer. i have no idea what to do for that. that’s about it for my troubles for being behind. i also recently got some of these USB headsets to work with my computer and i have to say, these definitely beat using earbuds. the one issue i have with them is the fact that the speakers aren’t very loud. welp, i ran out of things to write about so yeah……