Silent Blogging #3

welp… its time for another silent blogging thing. in terms of things im behind in im still not done the japanese packet. turns out that i had misinterpreted the directions and now i have to redo the entire page. for math im still at around the same point i was in before. i have about 1 question left in the send in then i can take the test. i did my ihub reads presentation. i have to say, it went pretty good considering i had completely forgotten that it was multiple parts. harry, a bunch of other people and i tried to do this UHC thing at lunch. it failed. miserably. harry and lief decided to go out for bubble tea which took about 20 minutes and by the time everyone was together and about to start, harry still had yet to get on. we ended up cancelling it for the day due to lack of time. i really think we should just look into doing it after school. whatever. well im out of things to talk about this week so im done.

Silent Blogging #2

so today i have to write about something related to school. i have nothing. in terms of how my subjects are going its OK…. i still have yet to finish my Japanese worksheet package. BUT IM ON THE LAST FEW PAGES. i also have to catch up in terms of math. I’m few units behind were i would like to be. for the ihub reads thing i still have to make my trailer. i have no idea what to do for that. that’s about it for my troubles for being behind. i also recently got some of these USB headsets to work with my computer and i have to say, these definitely beat using earbuds. the one issue i have with them is the fact that the speakers aren’t very loud. welp, i ran out of things to write about so yeah……